Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Syed Jaffer Ali Naqvi

“At-the-table” leadership and business mindset in a global business environment are two qualities that differentiate
Mr. Syed Jaffer Ali Naqvi from other business professionals. The founder of Deokjae Construction Company Pvt. Limited (Pakistan), AB Engineering and other successful leading companies has developed a notable career resume in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments, nationally and internationally.

Mr. Syed Jaffer Ali Naqvi is a dynamic business entrepreneur presently representing four leading multi-million companies in
Pakistan. These companies are boosting-up their business in the field of Construction and Automobile under the vibrant
leadership of Mr. Syed Jaffer Ali Naqvi.

Mr. Syed Jaffer Ali Naqvi is representing Deokjae Construction Company Pvt. Ltd.(Pioneer of PPP Projects in Pakistan) as a
Director involve in Roads & Bridge Construction with Govt. of Sindh, Govt. of Punjab & other institutions. Deokjae Construction Company (Pvt.) Ltd. is an experienced and outstanding company in the field of construction of roads & highways,bridges,
railways, public projects etc. especially in BOT Projects for last 30 years. The company is originally incorporated in South Korea
and has executed mega projects worldwide.

Dr. Bashir Ahmed Khan

A medical graduate, Dr. Bashir Ahmed Khan is a dynamic individual with a long and prevalent association with the NKB
Construction Company. He has prolific experience in the construction industry and has built an impressive career for himself
through utmost hard work and dedication. With modest beginning over three decades ago, Dr. Bashir Ahmed Khan is a Partner
of NKB which is considered one of the most experienced civil construction companies. From civil contracts to large-scale road
or industrial plant operation, NKB has built some of the most technologically challenging projects.

This all is made possible through major contribution of Dr. Bashir to form high level of commitment to each and every client.

Alam Zaib Khan

Associated with NKB, Mr. Alam Zaib Khan is an industrious and ambitious individual to whom constant progress is the ultimate route to success.

Mr. Alam Zaib is also a leading Partner of Bhittai Builders and Contractors, which is capable of handling today’s most complex
projects. His in-house expertise in mechanical, electrical, structural and architectural engineering helps to identify key
challenges, seek out solutions early in the pre-construction process and provide one with accurate project estimates so that one can take appropriately informed decisions.

Mr. Alam Zaib has also vast experience in real estate with a very huge client portfolio.

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